Summary of ASTD WV Charles Town Chapter “Lunch and Learn” – March 12, 2014

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 4:12 PM | Victoria Fields

At the Charles Town ASTD “Lunch and Learn” meeting on March 12, 2014, James Acly, Col, USAF (ret), delivered a fascinating presentation entitled “A Global Mindset”.  James explained that work force development, adult learning, and training all are improved if we approach them with a global mindset.  He provided three of the many definitions of “global mindset” that have been put forward (sources cited in footnotes).  The definitions are:
"...helps leaders see the world from multiple perspectives, make decisions that work both locally and globally, and increase the ability of their company to compete in the global marketplace."
"...the ability to influence individuals, groups, organizations, and systems that are unlike the leader's."
"...a highly complex cognitive structure characterized by an openness to and articulation of multiple cultural and strategic realities on both global and local levels, and the cognitive ability to mediate and integrate across this multiplicity."
The concept of
“capitals” from Najafi Global Institute ( was discussed.   Those include intellectual capital, psychological capital, and social capital, and they help to frame the application of global mindset principles to our training and development interests. 

Our globalized economy, high degree of mobility, and modern approach to careers dictate a need for a global mindset in training and development.  This mindset applies whether the differences we encounter are international, cultural, regional, or generational.


Marie DeWalt, Ed.D., SPHR

Member of the ASTD WV Charles Town GIG


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